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We have been working our lands with passion and discipline for twenty years. Our daily aim is to preserve the environment and the values of a respectful agriculture connected with fauna and flora.


We leave our fields fallow and our vines with winter sodding, thereby limiting soil erosion and inputs infiltration. Our treatments are reasoned, we favor a mating disruption method and mechanical vineyard work rather than the use of chemical products.

We have reduced our travels to better optimize the use of gasoline and thus moderating, at our own level, the global warming. Our lightweight bottles reduce the carbon footprint from our exportations. In the cellar, we process the wastewater and we recycle most of our waste.

HVE Label Certification

High Environmental Value

Domaine de Castelnau

All of our processes have just been certified by the label High Environmental Value, HVE 3, the highest honor to date and the only one acknowledged by the Environment Government Department.

This voluntary approach relies on several key areas: biodiversity conservation, plant protection strategy, management of fertilizer use and management of water for our entire fields and vineyards.

We are proud to see that our engagements are recognized through this High Environment Value Certificate, a certificate that enhances our work, our wines and our crops.

Domaine de castel,nau

On the doorstep of the village of Castelnau de Guers, a few kilometers away from Pézenas and the Mediterranean Sea, the Domaine de Castelnau has very ancient origins. Owned by the Lords of Guers as early as the 13th century, Béatrice and Christophe Muret have lovingly been tending to their precious legacy since 1997, thus carrying on their wine-grower forefathers’ vocation.



Within the centuries old walls of the Domaine, lies a modern winery. The cathedral of concrete tanks has completely been renovated and stands alongside ultramodern stainless steel tanks.

The grapes are harvested at full maturity by night to preserve the optimum quality. The limited use of sulphites and the ageing on lees give birth to fresh, smooth and character filled wines. 

Quality is our constant goal. We have all of our wines certified with Protected Designations of Origin and Protected Geographical Indications.


Castelnau‘s vineyard covers 220ha stretching between plains and garrigues. Outstanding soils and an advantageous climate bring the grapes a maturity with finesse and elegance for the white and the rosé wines? and full body and balance for the red wines. As independent Winegrowers, we offer Languedoc PDO, Picpoul de Pinet PDO Pays d’Oc PGI and Pays d’Hérault PGI wines.

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